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Rules of Survival is a battle royale style video game played by over 150 million people. It is primarily a mobile game, but is also featured on the PC as well. The object is to be the last one standing after 120 players are dropped unarmed in to an island. Finding guns, armor, and supplies allow you to be better suited to fight those you come across. The game is restricted by a circle that continues to close as the game progresses, drawing the remaining players closer and closer together. This cuts down on the time a single game actually takes and forces players in to combat.


Rules of Survival can be played alone, or in a group of four players working as a team. Navigating the massive map and using a variety of weapons and supplies, the object is to kill as many others as possible while also staying alive. Vehicles also add another element to the gameplay, allowing faster travel across the map.


Rules of Survival is just one of the popular battle royale games today. The ever increasing popularity of battle royale mode in games such as Rules of Survival, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and Fortnite has lead to increasing number of games using it. Will we see continued rise of battle royale, or will it fade as another fad in the ever changing and growing industry of video games?


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